Patriotic T-shirts Are Not Gang-Proof

The faculty and staff at Yuba Gardens Intermediate School in Olivehurst take their dress code very seriously. Dustin Cole, a 12-year-old honor student was sent home with his shirt inside out because it had gang-related images.

The shirt, which Dustin’s mother Lori Carpenter bought for $20 at Kohl’s, features the word California, an American flag, a red star, and the number 31—the latter two of which officials say are gang-related images.

According to school officials, the red star has been linked with the Norteños street gang of Northern California.

While school officials are taking every precaution necessary to keep the school safe and gang-free, Carpenter believes they took this “a little too far.”  Even a patriotic shirt honoring this glorious state isn’t safe from a dress code violation.

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