State’s Largest School District Shuts Down For Bomb Threat

Los Angeles Unified School District was shut down today in response to a threatening email.

The district, the second largest in the nation, has more than 700,000 students split among more than 900 schools. Parents were notified and asked to keep their children at home, or to come retrieve their children that were already on campus.

New York City has the nation’s largest school system and also received a threat, but decided to resume classes as usual. However, Los Angeles isn’t taken any chances since the deadly terrorist attack that occurred in San Bernardino two weeks ago that claimed the lives of 14 people.

The shutdown also comes on the heels of another Los Angeles school being evacuated after receiving several threats in the last week.

The threatening email, which was sent to Board President Steve Zimmer last night, mentioned explosive devices, assault rifles and pistols and was traced to an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany, according to law enforcement sources. The author of the email claimed to be "an extremist Muslim who has teamed up with local jihadists," according to Congressman Brad Sherman.

While, authorities have yet to find any serious danger, tragically, a 17-year-old male student was struck and killed by a city service truck while returning home after the closure.

Metro has also announced that students would be able to show their school ID and be able to ride buses and trains free until noon as they safely return home.

According to a school police source, district officials have been looking into the threat since at least 10 p.m. Monday. Both the FBI and LAPD are assisting the investigation, taking the matter very seriously.


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