Employee Paid More Than $200,000 to Stay Longer With Newport-Mesa

Newport-Mesa Unified School District paid a top employee an additional $274,000 on top of his salary in order to keep him working, according to recent documents exposing the actual amount of pay received.

Deputy Superintendent Paul Reed is the seventh-highest-paid public school executive in the state earning $244,475 in 2014 according to the State Controller’s Office. After calculating retirement pay, travel stipends and benefits the amount rises to $372,998. Reed will also receive a pension upon retirement

In a statement released through the district Reed wrote, “after 47 years in education, I am appreciative and humbled by the value placed on my skills and experience.”

That value apparently has a definitive dollar amount that the district was willing to shell out in order to keep him on for a few more years.

It was known that Reed was receiving money into a tax-sheltered retirement account over the past six years, but the actual amount was unknown until John Caldecott, Newport-Mesa’s former executive director of human resources, posted the information to a website.

Caldecott was fired by the school board last year shortly after filing a petition to the OC Superior Court asking for a release of documents relating to a complaint he filed against Superintendent Fred Navarro


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