No ICE Allowed On Los Angeles Schools

In a unanimous vote, Los Angeles Unified School District will not permit Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents to enter school campuses.

While agents have yet to hit LA schools, this is done as a precautionary measure so that immigrant families could feel safe at schools, according to school board President Steve Zimmer.

ICE officials will need proper clearance to be on any campus or to receive any student data.

Spokeswoman Virgina Kice said that ICE agents don’t grab students at school, because like churches, they are seen as “sensitive” locations.

However, families are still wary because of a slew of raids that have occurred nationwide since the year began.

San Francisco Unified School District created a similar policy earlier this year.  

“We stand for the safety of our children,” said Board Member Ref Rodriguez. “These are safe spaces.”


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