Charter Group Wants Oakland to Facilitate Them Better; Files Lawsuit

The California Charter Schools Association filed a lawsuit against Oakland Unified School District alleging the Prop. 39 was being violated.

Under the law, school districts are required to share all facilities with all public schools — traditional and charter. Districts must provide space wherever charter schools decide to set up camp so that students who attend can have easy access to the facilities, according to CCSA President and CEO Jed Wallace.

He adds that many of OUSD’s offers to charter schools had facilities that were split over several campuses. American Indian Public Middle School, for example, received an offer split over seven campuses, Wallace said.

"We would like the school district to begin making these offers the schools are entitled to under law,” Wallace said. “Because what these kids deserve is a sense of certainty that the school they love will continue to operate and succeed.”

As of the 2014-15 school year, Oakland has more than 12,000 students attending one of 38 charter schools. This is about 23 percent of total enrollment, according to the California Department of Education.

"We are committed to ensuring equitable access to high quality public school instructional facilities for all Oakland public school children," said Superintendent Antwan Wilson. "We also believe that all public schools -- district and charter -- must implement equitable practices in their service of students."


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