More Technology For Students in Newman

Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District has purchased 1,000 Chromebook computers for its students in grades 1-8.

The goal is to move toward 1:1 education and put technology in the hands of every student.

A high school in the district already went 1:1 as a testing ground and full implementation will take effect by the next school year, according to Superintendent Randy Fillpot.

Younger students won’t necessarily each have computers, rather the devices will be available in the classroom with some permission to be taken home.

“We had issued about 10 Chromebooks per classroom in grades 3-8,” Fillpot said. “Teachers would find that it was difficult planning (projects) where they needed 30 at one time. I think this will solve a logistics issue.”

With 1:1 learning, students will have more learning opportunities available to them as they come face-to-face with the changing technology. But as some may already notice, children are more tech savvy than adult.

“Kids are becoming more and more in charge of their own learning,” Fillpot said. “Because the younger kids are picking up things so quickly, they are almost going to drive the instruction as they move up through the grade levels.”

The Chromebooks cost a little over $200 a piece, according to Finance Director Caralyn Mendoza, and were purchased with funds provided by the state.



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