Theater and Dance Teachers Could Soon Receive Credentials

California has a dirty little secret.

The home to big movie stars and famous musicians, doesn’t offer teaching credentials in dance and theater. In fact, only one other state in the nation doesn’t offer these credentials.

However the state Senate Education Committee just voted 9-0 in favor of SB 916, the Theatre and Dance Act. The bill would establish the credentials for these programs.

"For a state that prides itself on being the arts and entertainment capital of the world, this is just a glaring oversight that needs to be addressed," said Sen. Ben Allen, D – Santa Monica.

This coincides with a previous report by The LA Times that noted how funding is lacking in arts programs in general.

Ginger Rose Fox, an itinerant dance teacher in Los Angeles unified School District and the arts education caucus chair for the California Teacher Association, says the bill is important for kids to have quality education.

"All students should have access to the arts," said Fox. "And when you have teachers who are adequately credentialed and trained in their art form, then students will see that and be able to shine and grow."

The bill still needs to go through the Senate, the assembly, and then be signed by the governor before it can take effect. But the committee approval is a step in the right direction.


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