Email Leak Reveals a Too Close Relationship Between Sausalito Marin City SD and Charter School

Sausalito Marin City School District has been canoodling with Willow Creek Academy, according to an email leak.

The email from Board Member Bill Ziegler looks like it was intended for Board Member Thomas Newmeyer, but may have accidentally been sent to a reporter for the Marin Independent Journal.

The email suggest that there is strategizing happening between Willow Creek Academy board member Jeff Knowles and Ziegler in the upcoming election

“Hi Thomas,

Maybe you can respond to this. I do not think I should because I do no want to be quoted. I am calling you to discuss a long call I got from Jeff Knowles suggesting that I withdraw and let him run instead because he is worried about (opponent) David Suto using the FCMAT report against me to campaign on. I think it is too late, but I want to discuss with you.


Ziegler has denied any coordination between the two parties. However, a 106-page report from the state Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team highlights a different story. The District this week issued its own 105-page response to the investigation by the FCMAT.

Read more about the report at the Marin Independent Journal and view a screenshot of the email here.