Teachers Income Too High To Qualify For LAUSD Housing

Los Angeles Unified School District attempted to help teachers by building affordable housing but the problem is they make too much money to qualify for these apartments.  

According the LA Times, rent prices have spiked since the mid-2000’s in LA, where a single bedroom unit can cost as much as $1,920 per month.

To help alleviate the housing costs for teachers, LAUSD built three complexes to be rented out to them. There are currently 151 units in Gardena and 121 units in Hollywood, with 29 more units expected to open next year in L.A.

However, the plan did not work since federal law required the district to set strict income requirements, a cap of 30 percent to 60 percent of area median income, which disqualified teachers since new LAUSD teachers earn $50,300 a year.

Mark Hovatter, LAUSD’s chief financial executive, said that the district knew about the requirements but that it thought it would work expecting more teachers with large families and one income to qualify.

The ones who ended up benefiting from the low-cost housing are district service workers who earn enough to place them under the qualifying limit.

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