State Adds Armenian Genocide To History Lessons

The State Board of Education has revised the history curriculum to include information about the Armenian genocide, the history of the LGBT movement and people, and broadening Latino history.

According to the Fresno Bee, this revision of the history lessons will resonate with many students especially Armenian Americans in Fresno as they will learn more about the Armenian genocide.

Many Armenian refugees settled in Fresno and have pushed to educate and raise awareness to find justice and this decision by the CA Board of Education comes as a huge stride.

According to Genocide Education Project, California is among the 9 other states that require schools to teach students about the history of the Armenian genocide.

The Armenian genocide is not well known as the Holocaust, as it remains a sensitive subject among Turkish leaders who had previously denied that the genocide occurred and continue to refuse to label it a genocide.

The U.S. government has acknowledged and condemned the killings but has never referred to it as a genocide.

During the Ottoman’s rule in Turkey, the Armenian population was reduced by 75 percent, that’s nearly 1.5 million Armenians. This came as the Ottoman Empire was losing power and saw Christian Armenians as a threat.

Eileen Ohanian, member of Fresno’s Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee, used to go to schools and spread awareness of the genocide before it was added to the curriculum. She says that it’s important to teach the youth about the history of genocide as a whole and to remember what happened so it doesn’t happen again.

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