Pleasanton School Board Ousts Superintendent After Just Six Months

The Pleasanton Unified School District is now on the hunt for a new Superintendent. At the Jan. 6 meeting, the school board unanimously voted to fire Superintendent Rick Rubino, who had just been hired last July.

Deputy Superintendent Micaela Ochoa has been appointed to serve as Interim Superintendent until the district can find a permanent replacement. A contract will be presented at the Jan. 31 board meeting, and she is expected to serve until June 30.

Details surrounding Rubino’s termination are scarce, but in a statement about Rubino’s firing, Board President Joan Laursen said “the Board believes it is imperative to take swift and responsible action to secure leadership who will help our school community move forward without distraction.”

Laursen also noted that “All terms and conditions outlined in the superintendent’s contract will be honored.” That means Rubino will receive the $256,000 salary he was promised.

Rubino had been placed on administrative in December pending an investigation.  Now we’re curious as to what they found.