March 7 Election: Challengers Look to Unseat Incumbents

Everyone’s eyes are on the costly Los Angeles Unified races, but a few other important school districts are holding elections of their own March 7.

Pasadena Unified has four out of its seven seats up for election this month. District 7’s Scott Phelps faces no challengers so he will retain his seat for an additional four years.

All other incumbents face a challenger each for their seats. District 1’s Kimberly Kenne is going against LAUSD teacher Rita Miller. Dr. Adrienne Ann Mullen in District 3 was appointed to fill the seat in May 2015 when former District 3 member Tyron Hampton won election to the Pasadena City Council. She now faces Michelle Richard Bailey, a secretary for PUSD.  In District 5, Matthew “Mud” Baron, an agriculture teacher at Muir High School, is challenging incumbent Elizabeth Pomeroy.

Over at Redondo Beach Unified, three out of five seats are up for election. Incumbents Michael Christensen, Brad Waller and Brad Serkin face challenger Matt Kilroy. If that last name sounds familiar, it should. Kilroy is a former two-term Redondo Beach councilmember.

The three incumbents have support from the Redondo Beach Teachers Association.

Pasadena Unified, District 1

  • Kimberly Kenne - Board Member, Pasadena Unified
  • Rita Miller - Public School Teacher

Pasadena Unified, District 3

  • Adrienne Ann Mullen - Appointed Member of the Board of Education
  • Michelle Richardson Bailey - School District Secretary

Pasadena Unified, District 5

  • Matthew Baron - Teacher/Farmer/Businessman
  • Elizabeth Pomeroy - Member of the Board of Education

Pasadena Unified, District 7

  • Scott Phelps - Board Member, Pasadena Unified School District

Redondo Beach Unified

  • Michael Christensen - Incumbent
  • Brad Waller - Incumbent
  • Brad Serkin - Incumbent
  • Matthew J. Kilroy - Retired RBUSD Teacher



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