March 7 Election Results; May Runoffs Expected

Election results are dripping in this morning and the Arcadia Unified parcel tax isn’t doing so well, while school board incumbents seem to be retaining their seats.

Arcadia Unified School District Special Election - Measure A

Measure A needs 2/3 or 67 percent of the vote to pass. It currently stands at 65.84 percent. However, mail-in ballots haven’t been counted yet, giving the district hope.

Measure A as written on the ballot:

“ARCADIA TEACHER AND ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION PROTECTION MEASURE. To keep Arcadia schools among the best in California by renewing approximately $4.3 million in annual local funding the state cannot take away, shall Arcadia Unified School District continue attracting/retaining quality teachers; keeping schools safe/clean; protecting quality math, science, technology, reading, writing, art and music programs by extending the expiring school parcel tax at $288 per parcel annually for 18 years, requiring independent oversight/audits, senior exemptions, and all funds used locally to maintain quality education?”

Redondo Beach Unified - Member of the Board of Education

Matt Kilroy, the former Redondo Beach councilmember and only challenger to the three incumbents lost by about 900 votes, earning 21.4 percent of the votes. Michael Christensen, Brad Waller and Brad Serkin won the race with 26.8 percent, 26 percent, and 25.9 percent of the votes.

Pasadena Unified - Member of the Board of Education

Incumbents Kimberly Kenne and Elizabeth Pomeroy won their District 1 and 5 seats with 60.2 percent and 69.8 percent of the votes. In District 3, school secretary Michelle Richardson Bailey defeated incumbent Adrienne Ann Mullen with 60.2 percent of the vote. Scott Phelps in District 7 was the only candidate, and he retains his seat.

Los Angeles Unified - Member of the Board of Education

The big race and the one with perhaps the most campaign money in the history of the district is LAUSD’s three seats. Millions of dollars were thrown at the races with hopes of unseating Board President Steve Zimmer and replacing him with a pro-charter candidate. But, with 28,000 votes, or 47.5 percent, it looks like the battle will continue in a May runoff for District 4 against Nick Melvoin. Another runoff election is expected for District 6. The seat, left open by Mónica Ratliff, who chose to run for a seat on the City Council, will see charter favorite Kelly Gonez and one of the board’s youngest candidates ever, Imelda Padilla, face off in May. Mónica García in District 2 was able to secure her seat outright with 57.7 percent of the vote.