Campbell Union Appoints New Superintendent

Campbell Union School District has already found its new Superintendent with Dr. Shelly Viramontez.

Just a month after Superintendent Eric Andrew announced his retirement, the school board appointed the associate superintendent to lead the district.

“In her years with CUSD, Shelly has proven to be a skilled communicator,” said Board President Thomas Gemetti. “She is known for her ability to form partnerships within the district and in the community that bring added support to students and families.”

Viramontez is a graduate of Campbell Union schools, and began her educational career more than 20 years ago as a Special Day Class teacher at Rolling Hills Middle School. She made her way thru several titles including principal and most recently, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources.

The appointment of someone within the district to lead it, is something we’ve been seeing across the state. Homegrown leadership has been seen from Oakland Unified to Lynwood Unified to Clovis Unified.

“Shelly will provide strong leadership going forward and continue to engage employees, families, students, and the greater community in achieving the district’s strategic goals,” said Andrew.

Andrew announced that he will retire on June 30, after which Viramontez will take over. Campbell Union School District enrolls about 7,500 students.

Photo Courtesy of Campbell Union School District.