Coachella Valley Board Member Charged With Perjury; Lied About Address

A Coachella Valley school board member has been charged with felony perjury for falsifying information about where he lived so he could win a seat in a specific voting district.

Frank Becerra provided a farm address so that he could run in Trustee Area 3. But he actually lived in a different district three miles away.

He faces a total of three perjury charges for each form that had the incorrect address.

How did he get found out? He had initially filed for Trustee Area 2, but then two weeks later changed his information and filed for Area 3. The Desert Sun got suspicious and tried to go to that address which turned out to be a large field. Becerra responded by saying he lived in the middle of the field.

Becerra is still in ”good standing” at Coachella Valley Unified according to district officials, despite that fact that he needs to surrender himself to the court and faces more than four years in prison.

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