School Adviser Resigns After Rigged Election Accusations

An adviser at Vista Murrieta High School has resigned after a vote tampering scandal was brought to light.

The 2019 Class President, 2019 Secretary and 2018 Class President school races were affected by the vote tampering. According to Principal Mick Wager in an email to parents, an audit concluded that no other races were affected.

A parent at the school helped uncover the tampering when he noticed votes with time stamps after 10 p.m. following a certain pattern coming from the same IP address. That parent pinpointed the adviser as the culprit.

According to Murrieta Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Karen Parris, the already announced winners will be able to keep their seats. She also noted that while the adviser no longer works there, she would not disclose whether or not they had been fired or placed on leave.

The school as yet to publicly name the adviser. However, the Press-Enterprise has done some digging and suggested they know the name if the ASB adviser for the school.