Anaheim School Board Votes to Abolish Outdated 'Confederate' Mascot

The Anaheim Union High School District Board has decided to rebrand Savanna High School’s mascot in hopes to remove any and all references to the Confederacy.

On Monday, November 6th, the board held what turned out to be an emotionally heavy meeting to hear current and former students weigh in with their opinions and ultimately vote on the issue.

In a campus vote, Savanna’s school mascot, Johnny Rebel, was regarded as ‘offensive’ by 56 percent of the current students. They advocated that the mascot should be changed to fit the “Rebel Pride” slogan without offending the African-American students and communities instead of leaving the mascot or removing it altogether. Many students feel that that the slogan “Rebel Pride,” does not relate to the confederacy but rather upholds a tradition of unity, compassion and cleanliness.

After hearing dozens of people speak out on the issue, the five member board voted 4-1 to rebrand the mascot.

Unfortunately, no clear terms were given about how to re-brand or what it entails but the cost of the project is estimated to be around $51,000. Most students seem content with a simple name change seeing how the actual Johnny Rebel is a white supremacist singer and songwriter. As of now we just have to see what the creative students of Savanna High have in store for us.