Health Scares Occurring On School Campuses

Schools up and down the state are dealing with various viral outbreaks on campuses.

A high school in Burbank is facing a possible tuberculosis outbreak. While a representative for the Angeles County Department of Public Health has stated that "there is no active, ongoing spread of tuberculosis at this school," parents are still concerned and precautions are still being taken to ensure the safety of all students.

TB testing will be administered to any students who may have come in contact with the disease. A week after the first round of testing, a second round will be issued.

Meanwhile down in San Diego, two high schools are also reporting cases of tuberculosis. Students and staff at Crawford High School and Steele Canyon High School will receive free TB testing.

A few weeks ago in San Francisco, a norovirus outbreak affected nearly 60 people. Four teachers and 53 students at McKinley Elementary School fell ill.

We’ll keep you updated of any other viral outbreaks.