What Happened to the Fallbrook Principal?

A lot of mysteries surround the former Principal of Fallbrook High School, Larry Boone.

Boone resigned in November, giving only a vague explanation of “due to urgent and unavoidable personal matters."

In addition to the abrupt and obscure nature of his departure many other questions remained unanswered. The California Public Records Act requires basic information be made available to the public regarding public employees including their salaries and other compensations. However, Fallbrook Union School District refuses to give out that information, claiming that they never made an official contract nor a severance agreement with Mr. Boone.

District officials would additionally not disclose the new salary of the recently hired Fallbrook High School’s principal, Dave Farkas. But according to Transparent California, Farkas’ total compensation for 2017 was $170,804 at his previous job.

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