Lawmakers Seek To Regulate Home Schools in Wake of Perris Case

After law enforcement officials rescued 13 children who were chained up in a home in Perris, home schools have come under fire for lax regulation and oversight.

Many officials believe that the children were abused for so long because private and home schools are not monitored the way public schools are.

Now legislators are acting to try and prevent this from happening again.

AB 2756, introduced by Assemblymember Jose Medina, D-Riverside, would mandate fire inspections to be extended to home schools. This would tighten existing laws and improve data collection.

Assemblymember Medina provided the following statement on his legislation:

“The horrific child abuse case in Perris, California raised questions about the lack of oversight of private schools. As homeschooling is included in the state’s definition of private school, we currently have very little information on the nature of private school entities across California. My bill, AB 2756, will tighten up existing law to be inclusive of all private school learning environments and collect more information to achieve a better understanding of the private school landscape in California. I believe it is important to have different education options, such as private schools, to meet each child’s individual needs. However, the state has a responsibility to ensure that each child is in a safe learning environment. AB 2756 will provide the oversight needed to protect students and their rights.”





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