The Rent In Florida is So High, This County is Letting Teachers Live on Campus

California is currently in the middle of a massive housing crisis and teacher shortage. The answer to both problems may come from Florida.

Officials in Miami-Dade County have proposed building apartments on school campuses for faculty.

According to the Miami Herald, the county is already moving forward with plans.

Miami-Dade is already in talks with Housing and Urban Development, the federal agency that oversees some of the county’s affordable-housing projects. JPMorgan Chase gave a $215,000 grant to the nonprofit Miami Homes For All to help develop the Wheatley plan, according to a March 22 company release.

Miami’s Omni Community Redevelopment Area — a downtown tax district with a budget of more than $50 million a year — in January voted to back a complex development agreement that would send dollars to the Wheatley project.

County teachers would get priority for the apartments, but the school system doesn’t plan to reserve units for faculty at the schools involved. Still, the apartments would likely be most in demand for those teachers, given the non-existent commute.

If this goes well, will California follow suit? School districts are already finding other tactics to try and lure teachers. This one doesn’t sound that bad.



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