Fresno Unified Has Attendance Problem … On Bond Oversight Committee

Voters in Fresno Unified have entrusted the school board with more than a half-billion dollars in bond money. Measure Q passed in 2010 for $280 million. Measure X passed in 2016 for $225 million. Both bonds have an oversight board to make sure the construction funds are spent appropriately.

The district’s Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is supposed to have 15 members. Constant vacancies make even drawing seven members to a meeting a challenge.

School board president Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas says that poor attendance isn’t necessarily a problem. “I don’t think this is interfering with the conduct of business,” she said.

Local businessman Tal Cloud, who opposed the Measure X bond, has a different take. “It benefits the school district to do what they want when people don’t show up,” Cloud said. “When people don’t show up, the district can ramrod whatever they want through.”

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 18:59

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