Central Unified Secrets Revealed In Superintendent Firing

Six weeks before firing Central Unified School District Superintendent Mark Sutton, trustees voted against offering him a one-year contract extension.  That is just one revelation found in nearly 1,000 pages of documents the district provided in response to a California Public Records Act request by GV Wire.

Missing in the documents is the answer to the No. 1 question on the minds of Central Unified employees, students and families: Why was Sutton dismissed?

What is clear is the tension between factions on the school board. In one particularly pointed text message, trustee Terry Cox, a Sutton supporter, directly challenged the honesty of board president Cesar Granda.

“Not a good strategy to lie to your constituents either. It will eventually blow up on you,” Cox wrote.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 18:59

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