Homeschool Regulation Bill Dies

The second of two California bills addressing homeschool regulation failed at an Assembly committee hearing last week.

AB 2756, authored by Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Riverside, would have categorized the type of school on a form filed by private educators. One of the categories was homeschools. The state considers homeschools as private schools when it comes to state regulation.

The move to categorize galvanized the homeschool community in protest.

Medina’s initial bill would also have required local fire marshals to inspect homeschools. He removed that portion of the bill following hundreds of calls to his office.

Nearly 1,000 people spoke in opposition. They were homeschool children, mothers and fathers from all corners of state, including Fresno. All they were allowed to say was their name, affiliation and view on the bill. Some kids told the committee they “suppose” the bill, meaning they opposed it.

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