SF Board of Education Considering End of School Assignment Lottery

San Francisco Unified is formally considering overhauling their school assignment system which is currently largely based on a pure lottery. Board members Rachel Norton, Stevon Cook, and Matt Haney will introduce the resolution to begin a process to revise the system during the board meeting Tuesday.

The current system works by parents listing up to dozens of preferred schools for their child to attend with priority given to siblings, those living in areas with low standardized test scores, and those within the school’s attendance zone. All other situations are designated based on lottery.

Critics of the current system say that parents bear the burden of uncertainty when planning for their child’s education, and not necessarily having their child attend the closest school to their home.

Proponents of the current system like the diversity that the lottery brings to their schools.

The proposed changes to the system would ideally preserve diversity while creating better predictability for parents with guaranteed access to a school within a zone close to home.

A vote to pass the resolution beginning the process could come as early as Oct. 9 but the process itself is expected to take at least three years to complete.


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