Kavanaugh Hearings Inspire a Lesson on Consent at One California Elementary School

An emotional hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month sparked all kinds of discussions about due process, judicial temperament, and the way we treat sexual assault accusers in the #MeToo era. Now, it has also inspired a unique lesson plan at one California school.

Charter school teacher Liz Kleinrock says she was so moved by Christine Blasey Ford's testimony against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that she developed a lesson plan for her third-graders on the issue of consent — what it is, why we ask for it, and why we demand our right to exercise it.

Kleinrock’s lecture, which she later shared on her Instagram page, includes charts, bullet points, and stick figure drawings. It covers everything from how to say no to a hug to what Kleinrock calls “the grey areas,” such as what to do when a person says “yes” even though their body language is telling you “no.”

Kleinrock believes it’s never too early to teach children about such vital issues as exercising autonomy over their bodies.

“I think whenever I tend to look at things spiraling in society, particularly political events that are going on, I like to think about what kind of foundational skills should have been in place earlier to prevent these things from happening,” she told the Huffington Post

Kleinrock’s lesson plan has since gone viral. Educators, as well as mothers and fathers, now say they’re taking a queue and will be using it to explain consent to their kids.


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