Latest CAASPP Scores Show Small Gains in Standardized Testing

The California Department of Education has released the latest results of the annual online California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). While the Department is touting promising developments such as significant improvements among third and fourth graders, others have called student performance in standardized testing virtually “stagnant.” 

The percentage of students who passed the English language exam is at 49.88% now, representing a 1.32% increase from 2017 but a 5.88% increase over the first year of new testing in 2015. The math portion was passed by less than 40%, with numbers barely budging since last year. Again, however, it was a notable improvement over 2015 (5.65%).

High school juniors are struggling this year, with English scores dropping even below 2015 levels. That’s concerning because these are the only figures we have for high school students in California. The persistent gap between white and minority students is another cause for concern.

Nevertheless, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said officials are feeling “encouraged” by the new figures, which do show testing scores moving in the right direction overall.

“We must continue our work to narrow achievement gaps as we raise the bar for our students, and better prepare for them for 21st century college and careers,” he added.

The Department’s press release highlights a handful of noteworthy success stories from Brawley Union High School in Imperial County, Kings Canyon Unified School District in Fresno County, and San Diego Unified.

California’s testing results can be viewed in full here.

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