San Benito High School Graduates See Big Gains From AP Program

Recent graduates of San Benito High School in Hollister are making remarkable strides in college thanks to an advanced placement program that prepares students academically and allows them to bypass many entry-level college courses.

The stories of four such alumna were recently shared by San Benito High School. They include an aerospace engineering student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo who was able to apply 45 units of AP classes toward his major; a Cal Poly history major who earned over 40 credits at SBHS; and a mechanical engineering student at Brigham Young University who, like three other members of his family, used SBHS’s AP program get ahead in college.

“As a first-year student, I already have sophomore standing and had no issue getting classes,” Abigail Green, another 2018 SBHS alumnus who took advantage of the school’s AP program, told the school. The advanced placement classes are “essential for anyone on the university track” she added and, “even if not all the units will apply, the concepts will.”

Parents are also grateful for the many economic benefits the program offers. The 45 units Josh Corrigan was able to apply from SBHS equate to $30,000 at Cal Poly.

According to SBHS, “San Benito High School’s recently-released Advanced Placement Trend Data shows that SBHS students outperformed both the state and global passing percentage rates for the second consecutive year as enrollment in AP classes continues to grow -- surpassing 350 this year.”

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