Idaho Teachers Dress as Mexicans, Trump’s Border Wall for Halloween

If there was a contest for worst Halloween costume of 2018, the staff at Middleton Heights Elementary School in Idaho definitely made the cut. They took the anti-PC thing into total jerk territory this year with several of them dressing as stereotypical Mexicans — sombreros, maracas, ponchos and all — and several others dressing as a brick wall with the words “Make America Great Again.”

Photos of the costumes, which were posted on the Middleton School District’s Facebook page, quickly went viral because it’s always fascinating to see people still acting this way in 2018. The fact that this is an establishment that’s supposed to foster social and academic learning just makes it so much more disturbing.

Superintendent Josh Middleton condemned the staff’s actions in a Facebook video Friday and offered his “sincerest and deepest apologies” to anyone who was hurt or offended by the display.

"We are better than this,” he said in the video. “We embrace all students. We have a responsibility to teach and reach all students — period.”

Would you let your kids attend a school like this?