Paradise Charter Schools to Reopen After Camp Fire

Charter schools in Paradise, California are coming back from the brink after the most destructive wildfire in state history. The Paradise charter school community has announced that area charter schools will reopen Monday, Dec. 3 at a various locations.

All six of Paradise’s charter schools were displaced as a result of the Camp Fire that began on Nov. 8. It burned over 150,000 acres and claimed at least 85 lives. Two of the schools, Achieve Charter High School and CORE Butte Paradise Center, were completely destroyed. Another suffered extreme damage.

Classes will resume at Living Hope Fellowship, Life Church, and CORE Butte Gymnasium in Chico.

"Our top priorities are the safety, well-being and education of our students, and one of the most impactful ways we can ensure this is to get our students and teachers back together as soon as possible to begin the healing and rebuilding process," Casey Taylor, executive director, Achieve Charter Schools of Paradise, said in a press release. "Structure, support, and, security are critical for our students during this rebuilding phase, and we are so grateful to Living Hope Fellowship, Life Church and CORE Butte Charter for sharing their facilities with us as a temporary home."

More information about the reopoenings is available here


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