San Joaquin’s Measure B Goes Down in Defeat

Proponents said it would raise an estimated $3 million per year, 30% to 50% of which would be set aside for childhood education, literacy, and drug prevention programs in San Joaquin. But in the end, a proposal to tax commercial marijuana in unincorporated areas did not muster the level of support it needed.

The latest result show Measure B approved by 61.54% of voters in San Joaquin. It needed 66.67% support to pass.

Measure B’s failure was seen as a blow to both education funding and pro-cannabis policy.

“Continuing a ban while consumers across the county are forced to spend their money with legal cannabis businesses outside our jurisdiction or with the black market would not seem to be a feasible option as commercial cannabis continues to garner more support and traction across California and the country as a whole,” cannabis attorney Zach Driven told the Stockton Record

Measure B would not have permitted commercial cannabis in unincorporated San Joaquin on its own, but would have set up a tax framework for future businesses. Its defeat, proponents said, prematurely shuts the door on the industry.



Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 21:15

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