Controversy Over New Adelanto School Board Member Fizzles (For Now)

Controversy has surrounded the recent election of Adelanto Elementary School District Board Trustee Ammie Hines, but you would never know it by the scene at Hines’ swearing in last Tuesday night. Despite threats of protest from a group of teachers in the district, the ceremony went off a hitch. No one spoke out about Hines’ seating and there were no demonstrations.

That may not last long. Brian Hahn, chair of the Adelanto District Teachers Association’s political action committee, said teachers are discussing other options for opposing Hines, including a possible legal challenge aimed at ousting her from her position. (Nanette Cadilli, president of the teachers association, told the Daily Press that union leadership did not support the PAC’s planned protest.)

The teachers are concerned about a history of legal troubles which they say were never properly disclosed. As the Daily Press reports, Hines was convicted of felony welfare fraud nearly twenty years ago. She also received seven traffic infractions between 2006 and 2018, most of which accompanied “failure to appear” or “failure to pay” citations.

The incidents “speak to her inability to handle her own personal finances, let alone to be trusted with overseeing the financial expenditures of our district,” said Hahn in a letter to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters.

Hines has said the 1999 welfare fraud conviction was the result of a misunderstanding. As for the traffic violations, she says she is a human being like everyone else and is not ashamed to talk about her past.

Hines also asked why her past is being stirred up now. “That is the real question.”