Newly-Elected Trustee Drops Out, Leaving Menifee School Board in a Bind

There was a notable absence at the swearing in ceremony for the Menifee Union School District’s newly-elected school board members last Tuesday. William Hoag, who won the Trustee Area No. 5 seat in November, had resigned before even formally taking the position amid questions that he doesn’t actually live in the area he was elected to represent.

“He used my address without my permission. He’s never stepped foot in this house at all,” Hoag’s ex-girlfriend Monica Olmos told the Press-Enterprise.

Citing “personal reasons,” Hoag notified the district via email on Nov. 20 that he would not be able to fulfill his duties as a trustee. He refused to say whether or not he lives at the Lake Elsinore address listed on his candidate form.

The fiasco has left Menifee Union in the lurch. District Spokeswoman Betti Cadmus called it a “big concern for the citizens of Menifee.”

School officials are now scrambling to find a replacement. They hope to begin interviewing candidates on Jan. 15 and swearing in the new appointee on Jan. 22. The individual would only serve two years of a typical four-year term and would then have to run for election in 2020.

Hoag was one of five candidates who ran for the Trustee Area No. 5 seat in November. He captured the most votes with 34.6%. Two other candidates were elected to the Board in that election. They were both sworn in on Dec. 11.