Ventura County Superintendent to Resign

The fallout from a controversial church sermon given by Ventura Unified School District Superintendent David Creswell hit its apex last week, with Creswell announcing he intends to resign.

Creswell informed the Board of his decision in an email Friday, writing that he was proud of all he had accomplished at VUSD. “I know that you will continue to work for the future of every student,” he added.

David Creswell has been under fire ever since the discovery of a 2016 church sermon he gave while serving as an elder before the Redeemer Baptist Church in Riverside. In his remarks, Creswell insinuated that being gay or transgender was neither good nor normal and should not be celebrated by society. He referenced images of gay and transgender students he found in a high school yearbook to make his point.

Incensed, Board member Mary Haffner and some members of the community demanded he resign. Creswell offered an apology, which you can read about here

Creswell’s resignation is only the latest headache for VUSD. Its last superintendent Michael Babb was fired last year after about 17 months on the job. Creswell has held the position for about 16 months.