Video: High School Teacher Arrested After Bizarre Hair-Cutting Incident

A high school teacher in Visalia, California was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment last week following a bizarre hair-cutting incident.

Video posted on social media shows the University Preparatory High School science teacher, Margaret Gieszinger, forcibly cutting a male student’s hair while incorrectly singing the National Anthem. She tosses the locks behind her as she snips and sings. She then goes after a female student with the scissors, grabbing her by her long hair while belting out the song. Frightened students begin screaming and attempting to get away.

Video of the incident can be seen above via the Sun's youtube page.

Counselors were immediately made available to students following the teacher’s arrest.

“We take very seriously the safety of the students in classrooms and on the COS campus," said Tulare County Office of Education Spokesman Rob Herman. He added that Gieszinger will not be returning to the school.

Records show that Gieszinger’s teaching credentials were suspended twice in 2016 and 2017, once for “immoral or unprofessional conduct.” In the days leading up to the incident, some students say Gieszinger appeared to be exhibiting mental problems. She is facing six misdemeanor charges, including child cruelty and false imprisonment.

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