Lakeport Unified Fires Its Superintendent

It was high drama at Wednesday's meeting of the Lakeport Unified District School Board. After two separate closed sessions, the body voted 3-1 to fire Superintendent April Leiferman. That decision was followed by a parade of district employees lambasting the board’s new leaders, with classified union representative Darren Wells saying his members are “are sick and tired of you guys already.”

Board Chair Dan Buffalo, trustee Carly Alvord, and trustee Jennifer Hanson — all elected just one month ago — voted to terminate Leiferman’s contract without cause. Lori Holmes voted no and Phil Kirby abstained. Leiferman is now entitled to a year’s salary, or $154,234, plus benefits.

The district has been mired in controversy as of late, most recently over the ouster of Terrace Middle School Principal Rachel Paarsch. Paarsch’s supporters primarily blamed Leiferman for that decision. But Leiferman has her own cavalry of allies and they now have the new board members in their crosshairs.

Leiferman’s absence leave two key leadership positions vacant in the district. Business Manager Lynn Thomasson has also tendered her resignation. Lake County News reports she’ll be returning to her former place of work, Kelseyville Unified.