Mass School Shootings Thwarted in Napa

A middle school student who planned to carry out mass shootings at schools in Napa, California has been arrested, the Napa Police Department announced Monday. The unidentified minor had targeted River Middle School and Vintage High School, authorities said.

The 14-year-old was reported by a fellow student last month. An investigation began on Dec. 31 and the suspect was arrested on Jan. 2. Search warrants executed on two homes revealed detailed research and planning for the massacre.

The student that went to police was also personally threatened by the suspect.

“We want to praise the victim for coming forward and talking to their parents and the police," Napa Police said. "We believe based on the information collected at this point, this was possibly a tragedy averted and are thankful for the information provided to us."

Rosanna Mucetti, superintendent for the Napa Valley Unified School District, also thanked the student that came forward for their bravery.

“As a society, we need to be brave and willing to say something when we see something,” she said. “That young person may have literally saved lives by speaking up.”

With the threat averted, students were able to return to class on Monday as scheduled.