Teacher Salaries Are Up. Now You Can Search Average Pay in Your District.

The average salary for California teachers rose to $80,680 in 2018, representing a 2% increase from the previous year. But annual salaries still vary widely by district, with some Bay Area schools paying their educators well over $100,000 annually and some rural school districts paying just below $50,000.

The new figures were provided by the Office of Education’s Selected Certificated Salaries and Related Statistics for 2017-2018. The Sacramento Bee also has an interactive database allowing you to search average salaries for the state’s nearly 1,000 school districts.

A breakdown of the four-county Sacramento region shows Roseville Joint Union High, Roseville City Elementary, and El Dorado Union High at the top of the list with averages of $86,527, $82,751, and $82,102 respectively. Natomas and the City of Sacramento had the lowest teacher salaries in the area.

Here were some other key findings from the report:

• The districts that reported pay in 2018 represent 99% of students educated in California. About 22% of districts did not report any data.

• Staffing fell by about 1,700 (0.6%) in 2018.

• The average salary for a full-time superintendent, excluding benefits, is around $200,000.

To search average salaries in your county or district, click here