Oakland Teachers Vote to Strike

The Oakland Unified School District appears to be headed for a strike following a vote by union members Tuesday.

The support for a strike among OUSD teachers was overwhelming with 84% voting, according to the union, and 95% of them voting “yes.” The vote total was 2,206 to 105.

The teachers have been without a contract for a year and a half. They’ve demanded a 12% raise over three years and smaller class sizes. The last offer by the school district included raises of 5%.

“This is an overwhelming mandate from our members in support of increases in student supports, lowering class size, a livable wage to keep good teachers in Oakland, and a mandate to keep our public schools open,” said union president Keith Brown of Tuesday’s vote. “We do not want school closures” (EdSource). 

That may be, but union officials certainly feel buoyed by the success of the Los Angeles Unified teachers strike last month.

If the Oakland teachers strike moves forward, it would start sometime after Feb. 15.