Sacramento Teachers Union Wants Superintendent Investigated

A dispute over teacher pay in Sacramento is about to become much more heated, with the Sacramento City teachers union requesting the California Department of Education also investigate possible conflicts of interest and misallocation of resources by the district’s superintendent.

From Capital Public Radio: 

The Sacramento City Teachers Association sent a letter of request to the department on Wednesday detailing a list of concerns about potential conflicts of interest and misallocations of district resources by Superintendent Jorge Aguilar.

Union President David Fisher said one area of concern is Aguilar’s second job with UC Merced. He said a contract signed with that university raises red flags.,/p>

"The district will pay UC Merced approximately $1.75 million, and we also know that that agreement had a signature of someone that's unauthorized to sign agreements, so we just think that they should join us in getting to the bottom of that and other things that we're concerned about," he said.

Fisher said there are contracts with other higher education organizations, but this is the only one that has a cash pay-out.

The district is standing by Aguilar and calls the attacks on him “meritless.”

“Superintendent Aguilar’s appropriate and long-standing affiliation with the University of California should be lauded, not criticized,” it added in a statement.

The district is in a perilous situation as it tries to negotiate new teacher salaries. It faces a state takeover if it does not reduce its budget by $35 million come June.