This Science Teacher Can Dunk And We’re Loving It

We love teachers who manage to make academics undeniably fun.

Enter Jonathan Clark, an 8th grade science teacher at Clovis North Educational Center in Fresno with a passion for basketball. He’s become Instafamous for his dunking skills. And he’s using his them get students more interested in learning.

“...I’ve just been focused on building rapport with the kids and I kind of saw it [dunking] helped with them ‘buying’ into class,” said Clark (CTV News). “And it was an opportunity to show my personality -- show my human side.”

“The kids really gravitated towards it and made class more fun … so as long as we were taking care of work definitely will oblige them and have fun in class [too].”

Clark once thought he was destined for an athletic career but “fell in love” with education and decided to get his teaching credentials.

Clark’s “Dunkademics” videos have gone viral and, once you see them, you’ll understand why.

Watch here.