Newport Beach Councilman Wants to Spend $6K to Educate Students About Tolerance Following Streak of Anti-Semitism in Area

A Newport Beach Councilman said he wants to spend $6,000 of city funds to send more than 500 students to the Museum of Tolerance.

The suggestion from Councilman Kevin Muldoon comes as a result of weeks of anti-Semitic actions that have plagued the area stemming from a viral social media post showing students at a party who’d formed a swastika out of red drinking cups.

Last week, Newport Harbor High School’s campus was covered in anti-Semitic fliers. At least 10 8-by-11 fliers with swastikas covered the campus early last weekend, according to the Newport Beach Police Department.

Parents are outraged by the incidents, and rightfully so, but many are commending the district for their swift actions, including the formation of a Human Relations Task Force.

In response to the original post, the school district has held several town hall meetings. Additionally, Holocaust survivor and stepsister of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss, spoke to the students involved a few weeks ago. Afterward she told the LA Times, “I hope the school and students have got the message and things will be different.”

However, with the anti-Semitic vandalism at the school, it seems the message and severity of the genocide has not gotten through to the community, forcing leaders to take other actions.

The money used to fund the field trip to the museum will come from money available to the council for neighborhood causes and will send an estimated 570 students.


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