Burbank’s David Starr Jordan Middle School to Be Renamed

Burbank Unified’s school board has voted to change the designation of a middle school named after a 19th century American ichthyologist and educator who promoted eugenics as a means of maintaining a genetically desirable population.

The vote to rename David Starr Jordan Middle School was unanimous and followed months of discussions about the school’s reputation and Jordan’s beliefs.

“Were he alive, David Starr Jordan would have no place in Burbank, and the same should be said about his name,” said Joshua Goodman, president of the Burbank Democratic Club, of the Stanford University founding president.

School Board Vice President Armond Aghakhanian compared Jordan’s views to those of Ottoman Turk officials responsible for wiping out up to 1.5 million people during the Armenian genocide in 1915.

The April 18 meeting was at times highly emotional, with board members fighting back tears. A new name has not yet been chosen for the school.