Indiana Teachers Shot with Pellet Guns During Shooter Training

When law enforcement officials showed up at Twin Lakes School Corporation in Monticello, Indiana this past November for a training exercise, they apparently took the term “Active Shooter Drill” a bit too literally.

According to a report by the SF Gate teachers at the elementary school were taken into a classroom, four at a time, told to crouch down and then shot with an air-power pellet gun execution style. There were reported injuries of welts and blood drawn from the incident.

The drills stem from Indiana’s Safe-Schools Grant which is aimed at better preparing schools for emergency situations such as active shooters.

Teachers’ Union representative are currently working with the sheriff’s department and legislator to amend the grant procedures to avoid potentially dangerous drills such as these in the future.

According to the Indianapolis Star the sheriff’s department said that while it had conducted similar drills in the past they would no longer use air-powered devices to shoot teachers.

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