Sacramento City Unified Avoids Teachers Strike

There will be no teachers strike at Sacramento City Unified schools this week. Union leaders called off the walkout that was planned for Tuesday, May 22 following an intervention from State Superintendent Tony Thurmond.

The two sides are still negotiating a contract under threat of a state takeover. But that prospect has been reduced thanks to nearly 200 teacher layoffs approved by the district this month. If the district uses $19.67 million in reserves to cover next year’s expenditures, those cuts could help it avoid a June 1 takeover by the state. The current contract between the Sacramento City Unified School District and the Sacramento City Teachers Association also expires in June.

Postponing the strike while the new deal is worked out "is the right decision for parents and students who would have been harmed most by another teacher strike," the school district said in a statement. "We look forward to commencing negotiations with SCTA leaders and working together to address our severe fiscal challenges."

SCTA is asking for increased teacher pay alongside smaller class sizes. To stay afloat, the school district must cut $35 million next school year and another $35 million for 2020-2021.

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