L.A. to Kindergartens: Comply With Vaccine Reporting Requirements or Else

Seventeen Los Angeles kindergarten schools have received notices from City Attorney Mike Feuer that they are out of compliance with vaccine reporting requirements and may be subject to legal action if they do not provide the required information soon.

The written notices were sent as part of a crackdown announced Thursday in conjunction with Los Angeles County health officials. It comes amid a nationwide measles outbreak. On Saturday, two new cases of measles were confirmed in Los Angeles County

Kindergartens are required to submit an Annual Immunization Assessment report to the California Department of Public Health every year. The seventeen private schools that received the letter either had not submitted a report in two consecutive school years since 2015 or had not submitted a report for 2018-2019, according to City News Service

"It's never been more important for schools to report whether their students have been vaccinated," the city attorney said. "Proper and timely reporting isn't optional, it's mandatory and for good reason, if we are to protect the health and safety of young children and their families."

The latest warnings come as state legislators advance a bill that would cut down on phony vaccine waivers for school children. You can read more about that legislation here.