New Haven Strike is Now in Its Third Week

The New Haven School District teachers strike is now in its third week. Thursday, June 6 will be the 13th school day students spend without their teachers – if they’re even in attendance at all.

With little end in sight, ABC 7 News reports that educators in Union City and parts of Hayward are starting to give up and walk away from their jobs.

“They are being offered really sweet deals to come other schools. So we are going to be losing some of our best people if we don't get back to the classroom and end this," second grade teacher Paul Stickland told the local news.

That’s easier said than done. The two sides seem to have hit a wall in their negotiations over salaries. The teachers want a 6% raise, which is far less than what they were initially asking for. The latest offer from the district is 2%, up from 1%.

The 6% increase was recommended by an impartial fact-finding report. The district claims that analysis failed to account for its declining enrollment and, more importantly, expects the district to pay by dipping into its reserves. At the same time, it is being told to spend less and save more.

“The county has said, you are deficit spending, you need to cut these millions in dollars in costs," explains John Mattos, a spokesperson for the district.

The district’s teachers have been on strike since May 20. Further complicating negotiations is the timing. Final exams are taking place next week.

With tensions running high, SF Gate also reports that a recall effort of school board members is now underway.




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