Did Raisin City Elementary Take Its Active Shooter Drill Too Far?

Active shooter drills are an essential part of preparing public schools for the unthinkable. But administrators are increasingly coming under fire for taking these simulations too far. In April, CalSchoolNews covered an active shooter drill in Indiana where teachers were shot with pellet guns. Now, a school in California’s Central Valley is facing complaints of its own.

From Fox 11:

An elementary school superintendent in Central California says he allowed a janitor to wear a mask and carry a fake gun during an active shooter drill to "make sure this was realistic."

A teacher told KSEE-TV that the drill, which happened at Raisin City Elementary School before the summer break, went too far.

Kim Copper said the masked gunman pounded on her classroom door and tried to open it as she huddled in a corner with terrified students.

That’s realistic, alright.

Neither students nor faculty were made aware that the janitor would be playing an active shooter before the drill — a fact Superintendent Juan Sandoval has acknowledged.

A school board official has said the procedures for these drills will be improved.