Superintendent Facing Disciplinary Action After Active Shooter Snafu

The superintendent of a Fresno County school who allowed a janitor to dress up as a masked gunman during an active shooter drill is facing calls for removal from the teachers union and the California Teachers Association.

We’ve learned more about the ordeal teachers and students endured since first reporting on the incident Tuesday. They weren’t just startled but “terrified,” according to the Fresno Bee. Some students were moved to tears. One teacher said he swung a fire extinguisher at the janitor.

Talk about liability.

Staff say they were not notified about the drill beforehand because the superintendent, Juan Sandoval, wanted to make it more realistic. That left children and faculty legitimately fearing for their lives.

"While the sad reality is that school shooting and lockdown drills have become a necessary safety precaution at schools across the nation, such drills are intended to prevent or minimize both physical and psychological trauma to students, not to cause actual trauma and leave drill participants terrified," the California Teachers Association said in a statement.

The local school board has voted 5-0 to take disciplinary action against Sandoval. It is not yet clear what that will entail.