Gender Unicorn Worksheet Lands School Teacher in Hot Water

A middle school science teacher in Denair, California has been ordered to stop handing out a “Gender Unicorn” worksheet that asks students to identify their gender and sexual preferences.

The worksheet has a picture of a cartoon unicorn. It instructs students to select their gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, who they’re sexually attracted to, and who they’re emotionally attracted to. It was created by Trans Student Educational Resources and directs students to the organization’s website. 

While some parents complained about the worksheet, others said they had no problem with the material.

Superintendent Terry Metzger told Yahoo Lifestyle that the handout “was not the right tool for the information the teacher was presenting, which was background information on the gender-neutral courtesy title of Mx. The handout appeared to ask students about their own preferences, which was not the purpose. Students were not asked or required to complete the handout and had the option of discarding it or keeping it after the teacher referenced it."

Mx. is a non-gender specific salutation – an alternative to the more common Mr., Mrs., and Miss.

Metzger said such discussions about gender belong in health classes, not science. She would not say whether or not the teacher was disciplined.